How To Make A Glass Tile Pendant

by Glass Tile Pendant on March 14, 2012

How To Make A Glass Tile Pendant

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a glass tile pendant?  We’ll, you’re about to learn how.  I have now been making glass tile jewelry and bottle caps for around 5 years now.  I have made more pendants and necklaces than I have hair on my head, so I thought that I would create a web blog dedicated to helping others learn how to make a glass tile pendant for themselves.

Before getting into the details of learning how to make a glass tile pendant the first thing that you’ll need are some quality supplies. I buy all of my supplies from Sun And Moon Craft, they’re an online craft supply store and they have everything that you need to make a high quality glass tile pendant.

how to make a glass tile pendant

First, here is a list of the supplies that you will need:

1. Clear Glass Tiles
2. Glaze.
3. Photos, printed artwork, scrapbook paper, or a printed picture.
4. Pendant Bails (also known as jewelry bails)
5. Necklace
6. MicroGlaze (only necessary if your using an inkjet printer to print your pictures)
7. Standard supplies such as scissors, a nail file, paper clips.

So lets discuss exactly how to make a glass tile pendant, it’s actually very easy.

What we will be doing is basically attaching a picture to a clear glass tile and then adding a pendant bail for our necklace to attach to which will complete our piece of jewelry. I learned how to make a glass tile pendant through trial and error, this tutorial will save you a lot of time and frustration.

First, select your picture that you would like to see on your glass tile pendant. As I mentioned in the beginning of how to make a glass tile pendant, you can use a photo, a piece of scrapbook paper, or any printed picture that you like. If you choose to print your pictures yourself always use a matte card stock paper, 90lb thickness. Cardstock paper is thicker than regular printer paper and works much better since it will not curl as easy when the glaze touches it. I usually place several pictures on the table in front of me and I take one of my clear glass tiles and lay it over the picture to see what my finished piece of jewelry might look like.

If you are printing your own pictures or photos and using an inkjet printer you will need to use a product called MicroGlaze. This will prevent the ink from running when the glaze touches it. MicroGlaze is a waxy type goo, you just open the jar, rub your finger in it and then put a light coat over your picture. You’ll only need to use this if you use an inkjet printer. This step is critical when learning how to make a glass tile pendant – if you are using an inkjet printer.

Ok, so the next thing that I do is open my glaze and put some on one side of my glass tile. If your glaze has dried in the tip of the glaze applicator on your bottle you can unfold a paper clip and push it through. This will allow the glaze to flow through the tip. I usually cover one side of the pendant glass completely with glaze, being careful not to make it too thick. It is better to have too much glaze on your glass than not enough. You can always clean off excess glaze, but if you do not have enough glaze then there is no way to add more later.

So now what I do is pick up the glass, turn it over and then set it down on my picture. The glaze will now be in contact with the picture and the glass tile. This allows me to look through the glass and adjust it over my picture, ensuring that my pendant look perfect when worn. I do not press down on the glass, I simply let it float and I only press down gently if I need to move the glaze out to the edges more. Once adjusted, I let the glass sit for a couple of hours while the glaze dries.

Once the glaze is dry I then trim the excess paper from around the sides of the glass with a pair of scissors. Then I take a nail file and smooth out the edges of the paper making sure that the paper is not hanging over the edge of the glass. I then put a thin layer of glaze over the paper to seal it, once the paper is covered with glaze I let it sit for an hour or so to dry.

The next step is to add a glue on pendant bail. I simply put some glaze on the pendant bail and then attach the bail onto the side of the glass that I had just previously glazed.

Now all that I have to do is slip on a necklace and my glass tile pendant is ready to wear.

I hope that this little tutorial on how to make a glass tile pendant has helped you. glass tile pendants are easy to make and fun to wear.


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